Two Tickets

She rummages through old boxes, unpacks
the past in to her today, and finds them –
two tickets to Paris, yellowed corners
curled, names faded, both of them unused.
They were tucked in a book of poetry,
love sonnets strangely enough… amusing?
perhaps a little sad, considering.

Sitting on the front porch, she remembers
the plans they’d made, her anticipation…
a September wedding – Paris, romance,
just the two of them, the Eiffel Tower

As with too many other things in life,
it never happened. No conversation,
no apologies … and no memories.




When he was little, life changed beyond his
control. If he could have, he would have changed
the outcome; however, he survived it.

When I watch him, listen to him, I know
somewhere inside he has not dealt with it
on all the levels; he becomes hyper

when it reaches the edge of awareness.
He pushes it away, more comfortable
with imagination than memory.

Each milestone brings new hurdles to scale,
old wounds open and must be tended to;
this one is no different, only now

it is up to her to calm his nerves, soothe
the pain, ease him back into life and love.


Tickets to a Dream


I came across tickets to our Paris

wedding when cleaning out drawers, closets,

and cabinets.  Stuck inside a simple guide

to conversational French, it slipped out

when I riffled the pages – dreams spilling

on to the floor as memory of plans

filled the room.  Long talks at midnight about

passports and pictures – the Eiffel tower

and Champs-Elysees – crowded in on me;

all at once overwhelming my senses.


That’s gonna change my life – your words echo

in your absence, leave me alone – again.


I tuck the tickets away, a memory

I’m not willing to give up – not quite yet.


© Siobhan


Upon the Occasion of Your Weddingroseyingyang6.jpg

It’s not about today or tomorrow,

so much as tomorrow and today. True

marriage is a long-term project; if you

view it short-term, it won’t last. You can’t borrow

grace from yesterday, nor live sorrow

of what you sacrificed. Hold faith and do

what benefits all involved. Oh too few

realize this: to will is to do so!

True faith is not so much never-failing

as it is ever-renewing. We love

not for what is, but for what can be so;

we love despite err, forgiveness aiding

to rise to heights’ potentials, and thereof

forgetting but to build . . . Love’s made to grow.

                        David M Pitchford

                        100607 for Becky and Shane

This poem was written by David Pitchford ( as a companion piece to my previously posted poem, This Piece of Time.

roseyingyang5.jpg This Piece of Time

This piece of time belongs to each of you

separate beings who have chosen to join

as one-embracing your lives completely.

Open to the new experiences

being together creates-realize

those dreams held fast within your heart will be

shared, nurtured, and fulfilled in your new world

and there are places yet to imagine.

On your travels, remember these wise words

give without remembering, take without

forgetting” and love life’s gift of laughter.

Have faith in the existence of your love

in the reality of pain and joy

-understand that this is your beginning.


October 6, 2007

For Becky and Shane