On the other side
behind a closed bedroom door
she hides from the world


When she looks back now
to the not-so-distant past
he’s still all she sees


Spring awakens her
Desire blossoms inside
Reaches for the sun



Sitting on the porch swing, her bare toes reach
for the rail, touch briefly before she swings
back. Spring symbol, a robin, hops across
her field of vision and sun warms the air.
With the gentle back and forth motion, she
drifts in and out of memories. Winter
almost over, as snow melts, she begins
to shed mourning, allows herself to thaw.

Dogs bark a block away, a distraction;
she wonders at their conversation, smiles
at the thought, and returns to her musing –
emotions, wild as spring storm winds, emerge.
She is at once calm and restless; pent-up
passion waiting for desire’s return.


Three Haiku

Fresh blackberry sauce
homemade cheesecake or ice cream
a kiss of summer

Homemade chicken soup
comfort for spring allergies
reminds me of you


Turn on the air, please
either it’s hot outside –or
maybe it’s just you


The wind rouses dormant hormones, each gust
brings to mind the reveal beneath a breeze-
flipped skirt or open collar shirt. A glimpse;
bare flesh, a tease to whet the appetite.

She squirms in her chair, anxious to get out,
feel the fresh air on her face, lizard-lick
the air for a taste – opportunities,
and challenges, found in those around her.

Beyond ready to shed her winter skin,
she spreads wide her arms, captures the sunshine
and holds on tight, feels the energy build
until her need for release exceeds her.

Want and need wrestle inside, struggling
with restraint, before tossing it aside.


Swallowed by Thunder

Thunder rumbles, a distant echoing
to this desire.
Boiling inside
pent-up energy overflows
and begs
for release.
Vibrations skate   a  c  r  o  s  s   the sky;
land between belly and thigh
waiting for a lover’s torch
to ignite with lightning flashes
– never hitting the same place twice… intentionally.

Horizon a darkened shade of blue-black
covers sunshine with passionate promises.
Bodies collapse mid-day,
slide between
cool sheets
behind rain curtained windows;
refresh themselves in the late spring shower.
Lovers’ voices swallowed
by the thunder.


The Anonymity of Night

Washed clean, the air shimmers.
Pools of cool rain
water, ruffled by the breeze,
invite early skinny dippers;
those ready to brave reflection
beneath the new moon sky.
They slip naked into the dark;
feel the mud give way,
swallowing the soles of feet
still winter-white and tender.
Tall grasses, flood-covered,
tickle their way between thighs,
awakening desire,
tempting them into deeper water.
Lost in the shadows,
light only a suggestion
from far off streetlamps,
their bodies curl around,
caress with the fluid grace found
in the anonymity of night.
Fingertip strokes along collar bone
and breast, pull heat from one into the other;
the silence broken in a sigh
releases the mystery –
an exploration, an adventure,
their rite of passage into spring.


An Invitation
Fresh air through open windows brings sleep in
to stir restless dreams around inside her.
Tangled in bed sheets, she crosses the line
between worlds and finds herself alone.
Wandering in the ruins of what was,
she looks around for hope and life, finding
both within her grasp – fresh blossoms ready
for the picking. Spring offers its promise.
Cliché catches her in a smile, waits
for the chuckle to bubble and burst
before reminding her the truth doesn’t
always have to hurt; sometimes it’s a salve.
Early morning sounds whisper across her;
life’s invitation graces the doorstep.