A Little Magic


Ignoring the pain in her chest, she slips

into lace and satin, enjoys the feel

against her flesh, beneath her everyday

jeans and blouse.  Short hair brushed back, tucked behind

ears, she loops silver dragons to her lobes,

steps back; her reflection glances at her.


Satisfaction wraps itself around her

and she pushes away the sensations

tingling her arm as they creep up her jaw.

Too busy to bother with distractions,

much too preoccupied with life to stop,

she is caught off-guard when it crushes her.


A little magic dissolved under tongue

releases the constriction, reminds her

to slow down – enjoy living her own life.





She Keeps on Writing


Glamorous at thirty-four, she was young,

flippant and free.  You’d never guess she was

a single mother of rambunctious boys –

two charmers – their father’s eyes and her smile –

a dangerous combination for life.


Slipped into silk, or satin or black lace,

green eyes sparkling, she took on the world,

her imagination the written word.

She danced beneath the moon, believed in love,

friendship wrapped with passion and desire,

and a dash of lust for late night romance.


Attractive at forty-five, in her dreams

excitement exists, life holds promises

yet to be found with opportunities

undiscovered – so she keeps on writing…