November Winds

Each year, I fight against the Solstice tide
find my way out of its darkness – once more.
One moment I am moving forward – then
memory spins me around, throws me back.

A draft of leaves offers me direction
carries my gaze skyward from horizon
to clear blue – the beauty of autumn comes
through in red-yellow-gold fractured patterns.

Then, no longer shadow-bound, I step in
color-deep sidewalks, slip from rain puddle
to puddle. Emotions swirl together
leaving me lightheaded, tossed like a leaf

in November winds. Sunshine confuses
heartaches from the past – leaving them behind.

~ Siobhan


No Clear Winner

Late November storms rattle the shutters,
chase her under the covers to escape.
Howling wind mocks with opportunities
missed and broken promises. It scatters
her emotions like autumn leaves; it clings
to some dream, some lost voice no longer heard.

Rain drips through the cracks along the window,
tears in a house that hasn’t been a home –
happiness forgotten between the shouts
and harsh words, laughter now a memory.

Unseasonable weather mimics her
inner turmoil, desire battles
with self-preservation and common sense,
neither the clear winner, both have been lost.



February’s Grey
When the November sky is October
blue and the breeze is a warm September,
I can taste that time we kissed. Chicago
in the rain and Paris with its heat wave,
hold memories no one else shares with me.
The warmth of your palms following the curve
of my waist and hips, caressing my cheek;
finger tips trailing rain drops down between
my breasts – your touch still ignites desire,
even across this span of years gone by.
February’s grey colors in my moods,
doesn’t heed the lines or form, scribbling,
erasing, on a whim, pieces of life
the way it was, leaving me with today.

The Months Ahead

August ends with whispering
warm breath escaping from lips,
steaming the crisp morning air
in a swirl of coffee and cream fog.

September graces her
with bright sunshine and the desire to stay
beneath blankets, wrapped
naked in his warmth.

October promises hesitate
on the horizon, waiting –
anticipating their next move
forward, one step at a time.

November dreams drift in and out;
December remains in the shadows –
neither sure the other is real
both lingering for the new year
and the months ahead.