You brought jewels for me
craddled in the fallen leaves
lit with morning sun





Eye Candy

Slim hips and broad shoulders, he leans against

the bricked wall, eyes shadowed behind glasses.

His crisp white shirt and blue jeans lend themselves

to his casual sexuality.

An ordinary man on a Paris

sidewalk, he is nothing special to me

or anyone I know, yet he provides

a glimpse of romance. Imagination

runs into dangerous territory

and I feel my body stir. Now I am

wishing for sunglasses to hide behind

so neither he nor anyone else can

see the lust loosened within, that coil

red hot and waiting for a lover’s touch.




Jealousy appears
when other women are near
and you take notice


April first has come
with memories bitter sweet
just another day




Brave in Dream

She does not ask him to join her in these
quiet adventures… a walk in the woods,
playing with the dog, swinging on the porch.

However, she imagines him reaching
for her hand, bending down to kiss her cheek
and whispering I love you in the dark.

She is brave in her dreams, where he lingers
and holds her close to his chest, wanting her
even as he drifts off to sleep and snores.

Throughout the seasonal change, she pictures
herself curled on the couch, reading books,
watching movies, sensing his presence…yet
she can’t bring herself to invite him in –
fear of refusal holds her dreams at bay .


An Invitation

Inspect my imperfections,
the dimple
on my thigh
and battles scars
of child birth.
Run your fingers along my shin bone,
the subtle bumps
earned in childhood play
– and my young-mother-stumbles,
when I fell
pursuing little boys in danger.

Study the flaws
reflected in my mirror
each time I undress
when I see myself
with a critical eye – and wonder
what he saw
to find
beauty in the image.

Place your hands on mine
caress the length and detail
of this body;
discover me
with your eyes – accept
this invitation
to participate in life



Perhaps it’s your smile
or when laughter lights your eyes
I find I miss you

~ Siobhan