Love Did Not Fade

Her eyes did not wander
no kisses were shared
on another’s lips
love did not fade


she walked away
from mistrust
and pain



love did not fade

Lost in the words of a song –
a bitter boy
clings to the hands
of time
and the widow     separated
from the bride
by years of experience;
love does not fade
it all becomes part of his game


even when she is not the one
he is thinking of
love does not fade

it remains

hidden, locked away
the passion of six years
bittersweet, held tight

surrounded by wishes and desire

no it didn’t
does not
did not

~ Siobhan


My Silence

I wish that I could pretend I am not
jealous when you look at other women –
in picture or in all too real life.
I’ve no right to be a green-eyed lady,
(except that it is my natural color)
no right at all to tell you that I am,
and even less claim to your heart these days.

My silence did not mean that I didn’t care
when you went off with another woman,
spent the night alone in a room with her.
I kept silent over the years, wanting
instead to reassure you of my trust.

Insecurities equal to yours – I
bare them for you to do with as you please.


A Touch of Jealousy

A touch of jealousy pricks her center;
that shade of seaweed without the violet
shimmer of ocean oils
lingering along the coast.

Muscle quivers beneath
the soft flesh of her breasts – a heart,
that unromantic, overworked tissue,
blood and sinew beating cell against cell.

She is unable to declare passion,
held back by fear;
her reservations badger –
smother desire.

By degrees, the colors shift,
translucent sea-foam replaces spinach and olive
in the green garden of envy.
His eyes become a memory;
his smile – a dream.