She left a piece of herself riverside.
A fragment of what she once was – nothing
significant, only a light shadow.
It hinted at romance and desire,
once worn on her sleeve, now buried beneath.

Wind chilled, her heart hung there, a remnant left
in tree limbs stripped bare of leaves. Sharp contrast
to autumn’s barren branches – yet the same –
each yearning for new life, to recolor
grey days spent in dreams – imagination.

Woken from self reflection, she feels life
inside, however dormant it appears.
Abandoned and re-found, she welcomes back
those pieces she thought were lost in the woods.

~ Siobhan


In This Dream

Electricity gathers about her;
snakes up calves, slides between thighs, igniting
a fire beyond her control; white heat.
She senses the downpour churning beneath
the surface; her body begs for release.

Untangling from sticky sheets, she walks out
to greet the storm on her own terms – naked
in the midnight hour, she stands ready
to receive this fury, this force, passion
held in check for too long. Lightning flashes

capture her silhouette against the dark;
the hot-meets-cold wind wraps his arms around,
pulls her close, gently caresses pale flesh.
She has found home once again in this dream.


When with You

I feel you – inside – not the physical
hot, hardness of you, but the gentleness,
the soft tenderness whispering to me
when you hold me close enough to breathe in.
I want you – inside – the physical heat
that pulses in time with both our heartbeats;
your eyes caressing me, words unspoken
between us speak volumes – what, we can’t say.
Caught in my throat, unsafe emotions choke;
I beg for their release.  You brush my cheek
freeing the passion I hold so tightly.
One touch of your lips on mine – I am lost.
I know I could cry with you – for you, love
and laugh, rant and rave – I could be just – me.