Along the Edge of a Dream

He skates along the edge of her night-dreams,
veering in and out of shadows, silent
and full of a contagious energy
she finds intriguing – and yet frightening.

In the morning, she finds he’s slipped away,
perhaps into some other woman’s dreams;
perhaps to recharge and wait for night fall
when he can again tantalize and taunt.

Such imaginings make her wish for sleep,
that time of evening when beneath covers
she escapes reality and loses
herself in fantasy with the unknown.

Such moments, elusive at times, make life
the passionate adventure she lives for.



Lean Days and Lonely Nights

She lays, waits for his touch to reach through her
foggy memory – swallowed desire.
She misses the catch of breath, the small gasp
and sharp intake of oxygen before
a sigh of release escapes between them.
Exhaling into their kiss, lips parted,
she tastes the scent of him as he leaves her.

He misses the sound of her whispering;
graveled growl of passion when she wants him;
and her laughter, that deep-throated rumble
so rare in these lean days and lonely nights.
Eyes closed, he twists and turns. Entering her
in his imagination, he feels her
warmth, the acceptance he’s been waiting for.


Snow Angel
Spreading her limbs, she is a snow angel
beneath the willow. Each crystal creates
a new pattern on her nakedness; clings
to the tip of breast and fullness of thigh.
The wide arc of her arms expands her wings;
the motion of her legs, straightens her skirt.
Winter’s breath, carried to her across fields,
kisses away the cold to warm her skin
from pale to rose, leaves her heavy with sleep.
Ice-curled branches dip, encircle her
bed of white with a lover’s tender touch.
Ready to take flight, her eyes close, lips part,
and with an exhalation, she soars high
above the ground; silhouette left below.


Slip into Dreams


I relax into the heat, his body

pressed against the small of my back. His scent

invades, surrounds me, and with my eyes closed,

I smile.  The soft susurration of him

breathing – not quite a snore – fills up the room

and removes the silence from around us.

It comforts enough, I slip into dreams.


As we shift in sleep, he moves away, curls

into himself, leaving me cold – alone.

Nightmares slide into place when dreams escape;

long limbs once tangled, no longer entwined,

reach out – clutch at the emptiness. I wake

scared, and find he’s only an inch away.

Greeted with a kiss – I am reassured.


© Siobhan


* dedicated to Einstein

Certain to Burn


Burning pieces of my past, I crumple

papers and pages; those memories lost,

the in-between-years when I was content

to be loved and to love – was it illusion?


I watch flames lick at the edge of my self,

curl around those parts recorded in pen

on paper, deeds and promises now gone –

once the center of the world, now the frame.


Shoved among the ashes, rest two pieces,

broken hard pine – soon heart burnt at the core;

the metaphor does not escape me, no

they rest against one another as we

lay once, bodies connected by fire;

passion sure to burn hot – now cold embers.






Tread Water

When was life calm? Not before we escaped
from everyone around us, their brooding
glances – jealousy ill-hidden in eyes
wild with want and shame and lust for our life.
I wish I could speak to them, let them know
we, too, have our storms unabated, fear
that dances in the pit of our stomachs
hoping to overcome this joy we find
wrapped in the tenuous embrace of love.
Our own Kraken follows us in shadows,
waits to sacrifice us against the rocks –
and we can be swept away in high tide
just as easily as they, but we swim
and tread water, make landfall, and escape.