French Blue Skies
She recalls French blue skies when cold invades
and being alone is unbearable;
they are her sanctuary in winter.
When he was present, the grey washed away.
Even when distanced by thought, he was still
wrapped inside her heart; she took him with her
to work each morning, to her bed at night.
A silent traveling partner, he shared
the sight of ocean below the plane,
lights atop the Eiffel Tower at dusk,
croissants and dark coffee laced with cream –
the enjoyment of a Paris café.
She journeyed alone thousands of miles,
to find her way back into love again.


On the Shore

Stretched out
languid on the shore
of the Seine
his lean body shimmers
in sunshine
oblivious to boaters – world gawkers
staring from the top
of the Eiffel Tower
and the garish orange seats
of Parisian vessel.