Can you see through me?
A whisper of memory
all that remains here.


Chills run down my spine
even with the sun shining
Winter hasn’t thawed.


I don’t mind being
in the same place, the same time
I’m invisible



Her cheeks are bright red.
Is it the chill winter wind?
Or the blush of love?



Heat Wave

Too hot to make love? Never have I been
so overwhelmed by the sunshine or heat
to refuse your touch; it sends chills down deep
inside where passion hides from prying eyes.

Shivers reach out to tease, tantalizing
those secret places no one else has found.
The rivulets of sweat between my breasts
mix with the salt slick of your desire.

We are neither bothered with discomfort
nor bewildered by this appetite; lost
and swimming in the sex-scent, making love.

We ignore the indifference, the warmth
of growing apathy in this heat wave
oblivious as the outside world melts,



Head in the Clouds

I sit on a park bench and watch
water wash in over the sunset.
Clouds the color of high tide stretch themselves
along the shore of memory’s beach,
pulling me back to childhood
and ocean-foam kissed sand.

I hear the whisper of waves
in the hiss of tires on pavement miles away
and see gulls circling
in the shadow of swallows catching bugs above me.

Turning to the east,
snow-capped cumulus clouds
craft mountains waiting for sunrise,
and I remember long ago
a cold Christmas
on the way to Utah – when the chill came
more from the inside than out.

Yesterdays dissipate with the shift of wind,
dragging cloud-threads across the sky.
It weaves east into west
– mountains into beach,
and I wander home,
my head in the clouds.


in sickness and in health

With blankets tucked in close around my feet

I watch you putter about, fix supper,

stoop to scratch the dog’s ear, every day things

missed in the hustle and bustle when well.


Grilled Muenster and chicken soup, homemade good

to easy the ache of flu and fear and stress.

Bite-sized bits between spoon-slurps and sniffles. 

You take care of me, warm the chills away.


Asleep, your hand resting on my belly

protective heat to ward off night terrors

those dreams turned in to horror scenes of death

for lack of oxygen, you breathe for me.


Smiles exchanged across the room, remind us

– in sickness and in health, for life – longer.






* This poem can be found in the collection of sonnets by Siobhan and David Pitchford, “After the Vows: Poems Between Lovers”, page 130, published by Diminuendo Press, 2008.