Doing Laundry

Another night, stretched out
in emptiness. My fingers play
with memories scattered across the cool pillow
where you rested.
Sheets washed with hope
of rinsing away the lingering scent of you
– of us –
an intimate reminder of what was
no longer
clings to the fabric.

revised/reworked 6/12/15


Porch swing in the dark
glass of wine in hand – alone
you’re out there …somewhere

~ Siobhan

I rolled over last night and thought
– for a second –
you were there.
I wanted you
to ease the knots from my shoulders,
rub my ankles and toes
as only you can.
Something about your touch
relaxes me
while it excites me.

I knew you
were not there
beside me;
just pillows
that no longer carry your scent
stacked for me to hold on to
when missing you becomes a little too much
more than I can handle.

I didn’t fall
back to sleep
right away.
You occupied that space
in my mind
and I allowed myself
to remember enough
to fall asleep again
a smile curving my lips
as if kissed
by you.



Wind howls outside
I feel winter separate
what is from what was


The forecast is bleak
we will not see the spring soon
…enough with winter.


I lay awake now
wonder what’s keeping you warm
Is it memory?

No words interrupt
the winter’s chilly silence
or that between us

~ Siobhan

Erase My Existence

I venture into a house, wander in
to a room and then in to another;
drop my card on a table in the first
and one on the counter in the second.

I glance at pictures on the wall, wonder
who the people are, what their lives are like.
If they’re interesting to talk to – or not;
if they’re remarkable in any way.

As I survey the novel surroundings,
an uncomfortable sensation seeps in;
I think again, collect my cards, and leave.
My desire: erase my existence.

Eyes open with no rose-colored glasses,
I realize I’m not ready for this.


Chilly Afternoon

Windy howl
chases her around corners,
chills just by its sound.

She shivers, wanting
the warmth only
found beneath her blanket.

Such afternoons push her                 away,
remove her from people
she doesn’t want to be

makes her wish she was
with someone
– else.