In the last few months of 2008 I watched my life unravel and felt helpless to stop it.  I did my best to remain calm and tell myself everything would be ok; it wasn’t.  So, as 2008 came to a close  I couldn’t see very far into 2009, however with the help and love of family and friends, I made it to the end of 2009 and then to the end of 2010, then 2011. Now as I approach the end of 2012, I can reflect back to 2008 and 1998 and see the positive and wonderful pieces of my life that came from the important people in my life at those times. Here, as 2012 closes, I have people in my life of equal importance to then – more so in some ways – and I love them.

It’s been a wild five year ride. My writing shifted a few times along the way. I wrote at a near feverish pitch in the first months of 2009; a pace which slowed considerably over the course of that year. I found tenderness and passion in 2010 and used them both to temper the nights of waking in the darkness to the thought it was all a bad dream.  2011 was a roller coaster of learning; 2012 found my poetry repressed somewhat for fear of people misconstruing the sensual nature of my writing.

I have (perhaps finally?) reached a point in my life where I write what I feel and see and hear and experience and while it can be nice to have, I don’t ‘need’ approval for my words. Not everything I write is about me – or even about anyone I know.  My poetry is my observation on feeling and life and love and passion. It is part of me, however it is not the sum total of me.  I hope that as I write and post, you, the reader, will find pieces to which you can relate.  Feel the passion in my words and take it as your own.  Now the poetry comes to me, unbidden, when it is time for it to surface, and that’s OK.

As I have said before, my verse is full of the tensions inherent in loneliness, longing, love, and fulfillment – either through the life of the mind or the heart; those moments of life in which our senses are filled with everything around us to the point where loneliness is forgotten.  I have written poetry for over twenty years. I use verse to deliver my observations on being a woman in the world today.  My work is very personal yet holds a universal quality to which most can relate.

Having this place to express myself keeps me moving forward…comments are always welcome (please keep in mind I prefer constructive criticism as opposed to critique for the sake of critique). If it were not for poetry, there are moments when I would simply not exist.

Be well…


17 Responses to “A bit more about me…”

  1. bitterhermit Says:

    Concise version: her verse thrives

    enough said . . .

  2. Mark Says:

    I have enjoyed the poems that I have read — and look forward to reading more.

    – Mark

  3. ravenswingpoetry Says:

    I have read a few of the poems on here. I especially love “Release Me to Breathe.” I will definitely will be coming back to read more.


  4. mother2rah Says:

    I hope the recent posts are up to expectations. I wouldn’t be here now if I wasn’t able to write.

  5. llanaraymaker Says:

    How wonderful your writing is. I am so glad I found it.

    1. mother2rah Says:

      Thank you – I’m glad you found it as well. Comments are always welcome.

  6. raspberr1es Says:

    Very glad I stumbled on your blog! It’s really wonderful! Must find time to read all of your posts. =] Thanks for the great read!


  7. As a newly signed SF/Alt. Hist. author with CWP, I’m pleased to see that they do indeed publish a variety of material. And while I’m not a true aficionado of verse [except maybe for Charlse Bukowski and his ilk], yours work for me…

  8. breathenoah Says:

    Wonderful and refreshing writing.

  9. Phil Edwards Says:


    You are creating pictures with your words.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Phil Edwards

  10. Phil Edwards Says:


    You are creating pictures with your words.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Phil Edwards

  11. Wow – I’m so amazed by your poems, you have no idea. Emotional resonance can often be a function of time and place; if that’s so, then your work has reached me in the ideal circumstances.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

  12. Tom Says:

    Excellent writing.

  13. the other Mark Says:

    While a bit difficult to find on the block, I discover your home, where the door is always ajar. I easily slip past the threshold and, as I casually search, going from room to room, I find you everywhere, in the midst of private moments. My collective reactions reveal much about me; more than I glean about you, as I stare. Such are the reflections seen in your soul, and a brave one at that.

    –the other Mark

  14. David Says:

    I’m likin the new gravatar! very you.

  15. shiningcityonthehill Says:

    lovely gravatar, i shall enjoy reading such beautiful musing from an elegant poet and lady

  16. Marissa Says:

    Just a note to let you know your blog made my Top Five for 2012. Blog post at Keep up the great work! ~Marissa

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