Cooking Class

Slip yourself into something comfortable –
your apron with wine bottles and grape leaves
maybe? Tuck a towel in at the waist,
things can get a little steamy in here.
How about some music in the background?
It’ll help you keep the rhythm going,
very important when we start cooking.

Look over the menu, take your first step
down the path to delicious – a bottle
of pinot noir to accompany steak
broiled to perfection, under hot flame.
How do you like your meat? well done or rare?
Shall we enjoy savory garlic mashed
potatoes – yes, if we both will indulge,
and share the experience with a kiss.

After you lay out the bed of lettuce,
I’ll show you how to slice the tomatoes –
careful when you penetrate, don’t spill seed
on the counter tops – unless you’re ready
to clean up the mess – it could get sticky.

We’ll need something sweet to finish us off.
Whip cream, raspberries to top off brownies?

Now we have everything we need, tell me
where do you want start? Perhaps dessert?