His Talisman

She slid the glass slipper on her foot again
– the one he’d tossed into the back corner
of the dark closet, discarded like her,
as he ran headlong into the arms of
his past’s future. She recalled when he’d eased
it on to her foot all those years ago,
when she began believing all over
in the possibility of her dreams.

She wondered why he had left it behind,
his talisman, mark of his romantic
Don Juan, Romeo, and a handsome prince
all charmingly rolled into one poet.

She marveled that the fragile footwear fit
– and that when she put it on, she was not
blinded to reality as she’d been…once.
She could see clearly, passion still shimmered
through her body, and her eyes still sparkled
with promise; only now, the truth opened
the world instead of hiding it from her.

** revised version with final stanza removed.